Frequently Asked Questions

What is CryptDex Pro?

CryptDex Pro is a set of proprietary signals, alerts and indicators built exclusively for crypto traders who are seeking an edge.

CryptDex Pro takes the nearly 20 years of trading and programming experience of its Founder, Joe McCann, and provides it to its users in a friendly format: via the web browser and a Telegram Bot.

Why would you release your trading edge to the world?

CryptDex Pro is a platform for traders. McCann has spent nearly 20 years trading manually and algorithmically. McCann been a programmer for almost 20 years as well.

Crypto is a unique market where the blending of these two worlds yields incredible edge while trading.

McCann is opening up the "cheat codes" to other traders from what he's discovered while trading crypto.


Because why not.

When McCann was a novice trader he wished he would have had a mentor or the cheat codes.

Now you do.

It's a form of giving back to community, for a nominal price.

What is included in the paid version?

There are a number of proprietary indicators, signals and alerts available now and are being added everyday.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Funding Rate Monitor
  • Haymaker Alert
  • Book Shape Monitor
  • Opportunistic MACD Crossover Alert
  • Opportunistic Moving Average Crossover Alert
  • Exchange Flows Monitor
  • Dominance Alert
  • Volume Spike Alerts
  • Deeply Oversold (Buy) Signal
  • Deeply Overbought (Sell) Signal

Moreover, all paid subscribers get full access to past CryptDex Workshops.

These workshops, when conducted, require a separate fee for attendees but subscribers to CryptDex Pro gain full access to the videos of the workshops after the workshop has been conducted.

What does "in Beta" mean for CryptDex Pro?

CryptDex Pro is in Beta, meaning, it is not version 1.0 just yet. Beta software means that certain features and functionality may not be available yet, may have a few bugs or defects, but otherwise reasonably reliable software to use.

How long will CryptDex Pro be in Beta?

At some point in the future, CryptDex Pro will be promoted to version 1.0...but that is many months away from now.

In the best case scenario, CryptDex Pro is out of Beta at some point in the first quarter of 2020.

However, this is software development and it could take much, much longer to get to version 1.0.

At some point in 2020, CryptDex Pro will be released as version 1.0.

If I pay for the CryptDex Pro subscription during Beta, will I have to pay again when it gets promoted to version 1.0?

CryptDex Pro Beta users get indefinite access to the platform during Beta.

CryptDex Pro will add different tiers (Amateur, Pro, Mercenary) upon promotion to version 1.0 and will include a monthly subscription based on the tier you select.

As a loyal CryptDex Pro Beta user, you will get your first month for free when CryptDex Pro gets promoted to version 1.0.

You have nothing to lose.

What will be covered in the Technical Analysis Trading workshop?

Topics covered in detail are:

  • Foundational Charts
  • Advanced Charts
  • Volume Analysis
  • Support and Resistance Trading
  • Moving Average Trading
  • Momentum Indicators Trading
  • How to apply Technical Analysis for increased profit and minimizing loss

You will learn how to trade with Technical Analysis, not just identify chart patterns and indicators.

Where will the Technical Analysis Trading workshop take place?

The course will take place online so you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

I'm unavailable on August 24th at 19:00 UTC. Can I watch it later?

Yes! All workshops are available to all CryptDex Pro subscribers, forever. That way you can watch, and re-watch, to sharpen your skills and move at your pace.

Do I need to be a pro with charts and Technical Analysis to attend the workshop?

Nope! This course starts out with some foundational bits that work our way into more advanced topics. Plus, as a CryptDex Pro subscriber, you can always go back and watch it again.

Why do I need to sign-in with Telegram?

CryptDex Pro and the workshops are tied to your Telegram username. At CryptDex, we don't retain username and passwords, because, well, Telegram is beter at security than we are and if we don't store any of your private info, well, hackers have less of an incentive to hack us.

Moreover, CryptDex Pro has a Telegram Bot that is tightly integrated into the CryptDex Pro Platform and it is only in your advantage as a trader to use both.

Finally, we know who you are and can mark your account as paid by linking your Telegram and an email that you provide that is the same email used to get a receipt when you pay for your subscription.

As previously, mentioned, CryptDex stores the bare minimum amount of information and never spams or messages you without consent.